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Nobody at deliberately collects email addresses or urls or names and addresses, from what you post in any comments made here, for unsociable reasons.

Nobody at cares, websitewise, either where you came from or where you're going next.

Any posts you make here - most likely via a blogspot™® comments box - will be sent over an encrypted https connection to make life tiresome for eavesdroppers on the line (but not impossible for determined ones).

I will occasionally link to images, sound files, or datasets - over unencrypted http - from another domain, (and subdomains thereof). Material there is maintained by me and is non-toxic. Being unencrypted traffic, it's possible that eavesdroppers will be able to see the same images or hear the same sounds that you do. As they are not at all naughty, I can't imagine why you would be embarrassed by this. Nonetheless, circumstance forces me to rely upon the 'reasonable man' scenario if you find yourself upset by images such as pink polygons.

Any identifying information you may have had to use to get your words here is used only by automatic processes without human oversight. "But why have any automatic processes at all?", you may reasonably ask. It's to discourage spambottery. I am not in the business of mopping up your hailing frequencies, but I don't want my site compromised by spammers. If you’re reading this, and you’re apprehending it, then that’s fine by me. If you’re apprehending it and you’re also a robot, I'm suitably impressed and you’re very welcome to comment too – you’ll know how.

Which is not to say that others, including Google (who run this blogging framework), are not in the business of building up lists of email addresses (I'm pretty sure they’re not doing that here, but I shan’t speak for them is all). These pages are just as prone to Web-crawlers, spiders, etc as anywhere else, so do please exercise your usual due caution with your personal information.

This is a non-commercial site. Google Blogspot may use Cookies to track its client's (that's me) visitors (that's you). Since you are free to rummage around without providing any information about yourself, this should not matter to you unless you register (to me) as a permanent subscriber. It is quite unable to record anything about you – including personal information you have provided to other websites – that you don’t explicitly provide here at

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